How You Can Raise Vibrations Of Your Food And Drink

The dietetic value of nutrient has been well reported, but not their vibratory benefits. Every meal inside its own nature vibrates at its own rate and that specific rate entering the body modifies the body’s rate.

If it’s a disharmonic rate, the rate of the body is ruffled and interfered with and discord issues from this feud. The vibratory approach of reception has half to do with the food’s value. If one eats in the possession of annoyed vibrations, the vibrations of the food are over-powered by the short, stabbing indignant vibrations with ghastly reds and blacks and grays, mingling and sometimes a glow of burning repellent red all of which can be sensed in the aura by the sensitized eyes.

Its natural vibrations are decreased, pent-up and distorted, so the poison rate is reached and put to its work of lethal annihilation. This precipitated breath of an annoyed person will, injected into a mice, give instant death to the mice. It sets up all the poison rates in all the thoughts and feelings which make the vibratory rate of appetite.

By our vibratory rates at the time we consume, decided by our thoughts and feelings, we tweak the food rates for good or evil, of upbuilding or downtearing, having the urgent values of the food in their standard rate or having them reduced and confused and at work with their harmful rates. For instance by employing Solfeggio forks, we will be able to change rate of the food and energise our mind and body.

The wisdom of living, as to physical as well to psychological foods, and their practice, lies in the vibratory rates of the nutrient and the vibratory rates of the welcome to that food, which welcome includes appetite, manner of feeding, conditions psychological and emotional of the eater, and the physical rate which is native to him. When the physical rate is very well, the rate of the food must be all right, the appetite good and the fashion in which we handle an and welcome the meals very well.

Every single food should be served in all its appointments in a beauty and balance which belongs to the vibratory rate of the gathered people. Nevertheless we will be able to energise the food and drink simply by using Solfeggio frequencies. These ancient healing tones will raise the vibration of your food and drink, and this way you will have more life vitality. This strategy needs more experimenting, but scientists start to provide new exciting info regarding correlation between Solfeggio frequencies and our meals.